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Hello!  My name is Michele Canada and I am a proud parent of nine children.  One day while talking to my children about setting goals and planning for their future.  We collective came up with an ideal to own a family business.  One Weekend the children said to me, "Ma we can sell your tacos"!   I just so happen to be a great cook. There the dream began. 

Today this dream has a dual purpose:  to teach my children and others they could do anything, if they work hard and stay focused. No matter how old you are, your dreams only die if you stop pursuing them.

The vision of this business is to provide a great product that people love, while teaching and training young people to be entrepreneurs. We intend to offer skill sets such as Food Safety, Food Prep, Bookkeeping, Marketing, Customer Service, Janitorial Services, and much more. Making great food and building greater people is our dream; Smiling and enjoying the blessings of God while giving back is our mission.

As an entrepreneur the biggest hurdle to master is raising capital. Do you give up after traditional funding proves unavailable? Or when family cannot or will not invest (even though they "believe in you")?  Or alternative funding methods are unavailable to you if your business grosses under 20,000 a month? These obstacle have birthed in me a new passion. The campaign: Pursue & Live Your Dreams!

Please help us make the world a better place by granting us your support. GOD bless you.

Thank You in advance for your generosity, love and support, and it is my deepest wish that each of you join MIGGY NATION and help us redirect the youth of today toward roles of leadership tomorrow. Visit MIGGY NATION on Facebook.