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Miggy's Mobile Kitchen specializes in serving THEE best Tacos & Nachos on this side of the border.  Our family recipe has been a favorite for generations.  We believe that food should always be made & served FRESH! What we care about most is the SMILES on the faces of the people we serve.  

Michele Canada
Shakeedra began her illustrious food prep career as a child by cooking at home for her siblings, always expressing her creativity. With a degree in Culinary Arts from Maryland, her ideas with food have proven to be the greatest example of that. Prior to taking on the commanding role of Head Chef with MIGGY'S, Shakeedra has worked for several establishments as chef, including Bexley Market District, Nationwide Children's Hospital, and Easton's McCormick & Schmick's. Her pure love for cooking has pushed her to her absolutely best. 
Shakeedra Fields
Michele has been cooking since the age of 13. Her first love was baking, but it was the joy and laughter of family and friends who enjoyed her cooking that prompted her to advance to dinner entrees. From there, she moved to catering and beyond. In addition to a lifetime of food preparation credentials, Michele also has well over 30 years in customer service. Her motto: Great Food and Great Service;  the best recipe for success.